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I would like to thank DCS Teacher Training Academy for providing me such an opportunity to enhance my Teaching career for Montessori Teaching. As this was an online course I was able to do it from Nepal while I was working full time. The materials (notes) that I received from DCS TTA helped me learn more about Montessori Style and is really helpful to polish my understanding about Child Based learning. Thank you DCS once again.


It is very ideal for students like me who cannot go an institution and learn. But your flexibility made the program truly unique In the Montessori circle, enabling me to complete my course from Oman. I have gained much from the course and wish to practice the knowledge I gained in the near future. As a parent of a down syndrome child, I was very much benefited with these teaching methods. My tutor Dr.Catherine, was very much professional, cooperative and positive in her feedback. Thanks to her for all her time, support and confidence in my journey of becoming a Montessorian. It was a great experience….a total success.



I thank DCS TTA for making Montessori Teacher Training so easy to understand and affordable. This training has given me confidence, proper understanding and also developed my communication skill as its viva and presentation sessions were more lively and informative. I am much confident now that I too can achieve greater heights as a qualified montessorian. I am thankful to the Catherine mam, our director and all the faculty for providing me a wonderful experience at DCS.



It is with great pleasure to write a testimonial letter to express my “thank you” to DCS Teacher Training Academy, Chennai. I enjoyed my distance learning course which suited for a full time working person like me! The investment in time and money is priceless. Having completed the course, I now am more knowledgeable and confident working with children.  I highly recommend DCS Teacher Training Academy if you are thinking to make your career in an Early Childhood.





I have been teaching for the last 22 years, 6 years in different Nepali schools and for the last 16 years in an American Embassy School in Kathmandu Nepal. Though not been to a real teacher training college I have had a number of opportunities to attend to various seminars and workshops held in Kathmandu offered by educators from different parts of the world, mostly on Early Childhood Education. But I always wanted to expand my horizon in education through distance learning and my wish has been fulfilled through DCS Teacher Training Academy. Looking forward to be associated with the institution again.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Director for offering this course through D.C.S Teacher Training Academy. My sincere thanks to the admin. and teaching faculty for their untiring help rendered during my course period. Thanks again


D.C.S Montessori Training Academy has given me full insight About The Methodology. I am confident and interested in taking it up as my career and become successful teacher. It made me realize the importance of becoming self sufficient & independent. Thanks to D.C.S for making a confident woman.


Respected Madam, I am so glad to take the training from you r esteemed institution. The course helped me learn every aspect of teaching especially Montessori way of teaching . It has helped me to gain confidence about my career also understanding in kindergarten training. My best wishes to D.C.S.


I thank D.C.S Teacher Training Academy for giving me such a great opportunity. The 6 months of course has been of great advantage for knowledge gaining. My appreciation to all the D.C.s staff for all their support during my course.


I am happy to say that I have joined DCS Teacher Training Academy and completed my Advance Diploma Program in Montessori Kindergarten and Nursery Teacher Training Education. I have learned so much about Montessori training during the course tenure. I feel satisfied, equipped and also confident in handling Montessori classes of various age groups. I am thankful to Madam Catherine, Director for her constant support and guidance with regard to my training.


My special thanks to our Director for making my training experience a wonderful one. Flexible in all manners such as fee, time, exams, evaluations, and practicals and etc, I had nostalgic memories of my training days. I would like to come back to DCS if any new courses were introduced. DCS will go a long way and will be one of the best Montessori training academies. Now I am working as a teacher in a CBSE School. Thank you DCS.


I would like to say that DCS has been a great learning experience for me. The course has given me a deep insight into the Psychology of small children. Whenever I rang up for any academic help it was always a positive response from the faculties. So I thank the Director and staffs of DCS and wish them all the very best.


DCS Teacher Training Academy is an exclusive channel which gives an opportunity in any kind of situation. The guidance support encouragement we get there is really appreciable. I would recommend this academy to all my friends and encourage them to take up the courses here. Good Luck DCS


I wish to thank D.C.S Academy for giving me an opportunity to take up the course and finish it successfully. My appreciations to the staff and Director for empowering me with the Montessori methodology which is of great benefit in my teaching career. Thanks D.C.S.


I would like to thank DCS for enabling me to complete the course successfully. I am extremely satisfied with the guidance rendered by the institute. I would encourage all those who seek and dream to become skillful teachers, must take the guidance from DCS by enrolling immediately and be benefitted. DCS is one of its kind in all aspects., be it course structure, Fee structure, certification, Job guidance etc. I wish DCS all success in all its future endeavours.


D.C.S is really an excellent centre to gain knowledge about Montessori methodology. On completion of this course I really gained knowledge about the system which enabled me to run a pre-School in Bangalore. I thank the Director Dr.Catherine for providing me this opportunity and guidance that was offered to me throughout the training.




The support dedication and motivation in DCS ACADEMY is remarkable and enables students like me to achieve their Dreams! With the help of DCS, as a mother of 2 year old kid and as a speech therapist by profession, I learned about training a child in a Montessori way and its importance to train a child in their early years…their psychology about rearing a child and many ….for that I will forever be indebted to you. It’s a very friendly atmosphere at DCS. I searched many teacher training institutions available and their statistics and found that DCS has a long history of success with their results nothing short of amazing every year. The curriculum here is very precise. The online training will really help mothers or professions like me to achieve their dreams and learn a lot to refine their skills. I sincerely thank the director for running this program.


I am happy to say that D.C.S Teacher Training Academy is blessed institution. It provides a flexible timing, reasonable fee and cheerful faculty. Whenever I contact the institution , I was able to get all informations with kindness. My daughter Beulah Rajkumari was blessed with this institution. May the institution grow more and cater to the needs of the society in the field of education.





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